Jeff Smudde (pr. “SMOO-dee”; b. 1997, Michigan) is a photographic artist currently based in central Illinois. Jeff began his photographic journey in 2010, but has always had a fascination with the medium since he was a child. He was exhibited in Sydney, Australia at The Other Art Fair, and had his first solo exhibition of Moth in Ottawa, Illinois. He was awarded a Friends of the Arts grant to create the Class of 2019 Photo Major exhibition at Illinois State University.

He studies photography and mass media with a focus in journalism at Illinois State University. His overall photographic philosophy is about storytelling. Jeff also regularly writes about photography and storytelling on his blog.

Jeff is an aspiring photographic educator. With a goal to pursue an MFA in photography a few years after graduation, Jeff anticipates and currently involves himself in as many teaching opportunities as possible. He has led workshops, given private lessons, and is currently the teaching assistant to Jin Lee at ISU.


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