Jeff Smudde (pr. “SMOO-dee”; b. 1997, Michigan) is a photographic artist currently based in central Illinois. Jeff began his photographic journey in 2010, but has always had a fascination with the medium since he was a child. He was exhibited in Sydney, Australia at The Other Art Fair, had his first solo exhibition of Moth in Ottawa, Illinois, and self-published his first monograph Arbor, Neighbor in 2019. He was awarded a Friends of the Arts grant to create the Class of 2019 Photo Major exhibition at Illinois State University.

He holds a Bachelor of Art in photography and a minor in mass media/journalism from Illinois State University. His overall photographic philosophy is about storytelling through the contemporary American landscape. Jeff also regularly writes about photography theory, practices and self-critique on his blog.

Jeff is also a musician under the name Cry Kestrel, making trance, electronica and midtempo bass music. You can give it a listen on Spotify.

Email: jeffrey.f.smudde@gmail.com

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