Arbor, Neighbor
Images made in 2018, published 2019

Seeking asylum in the woodlands of central Illinois, I escaped my emotions. I escaped the anxiety of my life. I escaped to the paces I felt most at home. This landscape where less than 1 per cent of the original natural state exists captured my mind and brought me in as one of its own. I looked, and I looked. I looked for something that I could connect with, and I found that I connected with the woods, with the water that they caressed. The year of change that progressed as I made these photographs represent a period of time that I cannot forget.

These sixty photographs were made during the entirety of 2018. January 21 up until December 22. What started off as a relatively small series made in January later turned into my first photo book, and what I consider to be the beginning of my mature contemporary photography career.

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