On "Students as artists, something to be proud of"

In my recent post about students as artists (read here), I talked with a few good friends of mine about their lives as being art students. Two of them, Carleigh Gray and Amanda Weygand, are alumni of Illinois State University. I wanted to get a look back from them after their graduation, while simultaneously talking to current students.

The interview process of this didn’t necessarily open my eyes, but rather solidified my pre-existing ideas I already had about being an art student. Many people at public universities with as many majors as ISU don’t really understand fully what goes on in that back corner of the quad.

Carleigh was a great source to talk to because of her double experience in both the School of Art and the School of Communication. Much like myself, but she was the other way around, major-wise (her being mass media major photo minor, and me being photo major and mass media minor).

Myself as an art student, it was hard to not write my personal woes with the program. I did elude to my woe with the lack of renovation in the beginning of the post, however, I think that it’s a way to tack on some more situational stress for the students I talk about in the post.

My own experience as an art student so far has been ridiculous. From changing my major twice in a week, to mentally cursing my professors in studio classes I wish I didn’t have to take. However, later pairing my photography major with my mass media minor, allowed me some insight to the kind of stress and daily life of communication majors, and how they’re their own kind of crazy.

At the end of writing the post, I found myself feeling more proud of being an art major. When I interviewed the students and alumni, I often started with a question relating to the negative aspect of being an art major, then followed up with how they make it positive. This really allowed me to get some solid responses and great quotes to use in the post.