News organizations — I’m available to do stringer assignments in Illinois. Email me if you’re interested in assigning me a story.

Check the prices of my photo packages below, mix, match, and customize to what you want in your photoshoot!

If these numbers look a tad bit too high for you DO NOT FRET.
If you can't afford a shoot - for whatever reason - I am more than willing to work something out with you!
I understand that being a band or student or whatever has its financial difficulties. We're all in this together, so let's make something work, and let’s get you some new photographs.


Professional Headshots: $100 per unique head
Get five to ten variants of professional headshots, shot in studio, on location, and more! These are perfect for businesses, LinkedIn, sprucing up your social media looks, and more.
If you're a company wanting to have a few new hires have some spicy headshots to show on your website, the price is per unique head, so say you hired three people, and one person has two heads, the invoice would be for four unique heads.

Artist press/promos: $350 per 3+ person artist, $200 per 1-2 person artist, +$30/hr after X amount of hours (determined in contract)
Every band or artist needs a visual of who they are and what they do. These photographs would be used for the bands social media, artist profiles on various streaming services, and promotional use. We'll sit down for some coffee or beer or water if you don't like either of those, talk concepts, ideas, and all that to get you looking the way you want to be seen.

Editorial Shoot: $600, +$50/hr after X amount of hours (determined in contract)
Think about those photoshoots that bands, actors and models get for publications and magazines. That kinda deal.
Editorials usually require some kind of theme, sometimes based upon the specific publication, the article, story, whatever it is. There’s a lot of discussion that needs to go down to make sure that the editorial shoot is done right and done well, so it’s not a super cheap situation.

Single Concert: $200 per individual act
Concerts are my life-blood. I went to my first concert only a few years ago in Chicago. If you've got a three-band lineup for your next concert at your venue, and you want some spicy photos to promote the venue, the production company, or that specific show from the tour, this can be done.

Exclusive one-act: $200 + maybe a mini promo session before the show
You're in town for the first and possibly last time, or you’re a local act that wants a little extra cool stuff on top of the show itself. We'll meet at the show by the time you're loading in, wander around the area and get some spicy pre-show photographs, and then jump right in to the show. I'll only photograph your set during the show, and no one else.

Tour: $250 per day photographed - or - percentage of grand total tour royalty (determined in contract)
There's a lot of planning and effort that goes in to your tours. If you're going on your first, second, or ninth tour, chances are you want some kind of documentation of thee road and the shows. Let's do that. I'll be with you the whole way, photogrpahing every show on the tour you play. If you've got four bands on tour for two weeks, playing twelve shows, I'd charge that as $200 per day or a percentage of the royalty. No matter how many bands, no matter how far it's going. Whatever payment option keeps you in the green is what I advise. I'm not out here trying to make bands bankrupt.

Festival Photography: $800 down per day with $50 per hour
Festivals are like the weddings of concert photography, but are approached differently payment-wise. If your production company needs some spicy photos to promote next year's fest, or to show off next-day what went down, let's do it. I'll run around to as many stages as stated in a quota in the contract. Festivals are long, hot, and exciting. They attract a lot of people every year, so presenting your festival in the most exciting way possible is my goal.

You can mix-and-match the different services to create a package - which we would discuss pricing and everything else necessary.
If you have an idea for a photoshoot that isn’t listed above, let’s talk and see what you want! Be sure to consult the FAQ below in case you’re unsure. If you’re still unsure, shoot me an email. 


"Will you photograph my senior portraits?"

No. I may technically do portraiture, but I'm not in the business of formal portraiture unless it's simple headshots. I like shooting bands and DJs. Not college or high school grads. Congratulations on getting to the next chapter of life, though!

"Will you photograph my wedding?”

No. I don't need that kind of stress in my life, but congratulations on the marriage! Same reason as senior portraits.
It's just not my gig, ya dig?

Can you do my family portraits?”

No.Unless you’re someone I know personally, I don’t do family portraits. Same reason as weddings and senior photos.

"Can I order prints of my photoshoot?"

Definitely! That's a separate invoice outside of the photoshoot one.
It's like buying any product. Look at what you want to get out of the delivered photographs from the session(s), we talk about how much it'll cost, how long it'll take to get them, pay for it, and once they’re in, they’re yours.
Depending on the prints you want, I'll either print it myself, or outsource it to a professional photo printing lab, and this fact will be established in the contract. The quality and size of prints you want will affect the price of the invoice.
Please know you are not allowed to print images from your contracted session without permission.

"Can you do my shoot on film?"

Absolutely. I love shooting film.
All I need to know is if you want black and white or color. Just know this will affect the invoice's price.Film involves more chance and you won’t be guaranteed as many high quality images. You will receive scans of the entire roll(s), with the ones I personally find good separated from the bunch.
Size of film also affect price. I use 35mm and 120. 120 is bigger, making it more expensive than 35mm. The digital scans of 120 film is also significantly larger and harder to do than 35mm, adding a little more expense, but a lot more quality to the images.

"You just approached me about wanting to take photos of me. Do I need to pay?"

Honestly, that depends on the situation.
Often, I'll do one pro-bono shoot for my portfolio (such as my mini session with Remo Drive a while back, which you can see here).
I'm always looking for new bands to photograph, and as a way to get my name in their heads, I'll do a real short photo session where they get five to ten images for unlimited use (real short and sweet contract - and absolutely free), and I get some new portfolio work. Don't come to me asking for a free shoot, you'll get an answer you won't like.
There are special cases, though, like if you just started your band a few weeks ago and you need a few simple images to get your social media off the ground, I’ll definitely give you a short session. 

"Do you take commissions?”

Send me information, and we’ll talk.

"Can I use your photography in a story for my publication or network?"

Yes, but you must license it. If you wish to use one of my photographs in your article, publication, book cover, product, whatever, there is a flat rate of $100 per photograph to license. Depending on the image, there will be other credits needed besides my own. I'll send you a contract explaining the rights and all that legal jargon about licensing so you know what you're getting in to.
This whole licensing deal does not apply to submission-based publications.
If I catch your publication or network using one of my photographs without a licensing contract or permission, may God have mercy on your soul.

Please be sure to email me, call & leave a voicemail, or DM my Facebook page about any questions regarding pricing.