There is a light that draws. Ever closer, ever nearer. What do you feel? Drenched or locked? Contacted, or stopped? Go closer. Go nearer. Enter the stage, feel the presence engulfing you. Feel the presence.

The concept of single-image photographic stories has intrigued me for a few years. Taking ideas from classical, romantic, and impressionist paintings from art’s history, I sought out a way to compose these stories in a contemporary landscape. Placing myself or a model within the scene, being lit by primarily available light, I read each location carefully. I thought about what the location was saying to me, and what it could say to other people. Fusing the aesthetics of contemporary landscape with cinematic styling, I create open-ended narratives that I have my own personal connection with and allow the viewer to formulate their own interpretation of the series. These photographs can be seen as continuous, or a collection of short stories in the same cinematic universe, or even as a self-portrait. However you read this series is your call: what do you feel?

The fifteen photographs that are seen in this series were made during the autumn of 2018 and later finished in early 2019.

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