I’m a big fan of the photograph as an object. There’s such a distinct experience one has when they encounter a physical, printed photograph, whether its framed on a wall, hiding in a box, or in a photo book.

If you would like to purchase a print, send an email to jeffrey.f.smudde[at]gmail.com with the subject line “Print purchase,” and be sure to designate which print and which size.
I will send you an invoice with the total price. I do charge tax and shipping on these, and are not included in the price you see below. There is a limit of three prints per purchase. When you email me, let me know if you wish to have it mailed or pick it up in-person (Bloomington/Normal area only). The price you see below is the price before tax and shipping.

For online purchases — I take both PayPal and Venmo
For Bloomington/Normal area purchases — I take cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo, and you can pick up the photograph or I can mail it for a small shipping fee.

All photographs are printed in small editions (typically 10-20 photo editions of identical sizes), and will not be perpetually available. If you do not see “out of stock” next to a title, you can purchase that photograph. I’m pretty picky with my editions, so I will not be doing new editions often. I do not offer prints of music photography or photojournalism work.

All photographs are signed, numbered, dated, and titled, if applicable, on the back in traditional printmaking layout (#/Edition Count — Title — Sign & year). Dimensions are in inches and depict the size of the image itself, not the full sheet of paper.

You can also purchase a print on Etsy.

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