Rust Maize

“Just how rusty are they?” Anne Trubek said of Time Magazine. The lands south of the great lakes, formerly industrialized, now deteriorating slowly in the wake of a contemporary United States, spell for a new contemporary landscape of the Midwest. As regions of the States are and always will be culturally bound, and not bound by political lines, the Rust Belt is as such. The empty factories, the abandoned steel pillars that once held the jobs of hundreds of Americans now lie untouched, surrounded by what is now progressing U.S.

While the rust crumbles, and the cities rise, the over-looked agricultural surrounding that runs central Illinois caresses these dying industrial zones in Illinois.

Rust Mize stylistically documents the deteriorating status of the Rust Belt regions of Illinois and its conversation with the agricultural surroundings and the modernized Midwest. Ranging from views of interstates behind freight lines, to former factory parking lots now utilized for truck driving training, to views of power lines in the suburbs of Chicago. This project aims to point an eye toward how the Rust Belt is an all-too-real region of the midwest and great lakes region that yearns for revival.

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