Sad Bird is my independent photography imprint to publish books and zines. You know how some musicians will start their own “label” to release their music? This is essentially the same thing, but for my photo books.

Much like prints, the photo book offers a unique experience with photographs. From surveys to series, the photo book is a modern format of presentation that has been rising popularity over the past few decades. Because of this, many photographers have been self-publishing their work, as I am here. While it may be slightly more expensive than that of the bigger guns like MACK or Aperture, it’s supporting the artist more directly. It’s a lot like supporting your local stores and restaurants.

Arbor, Neighbor book cover

Arbor, Neighbor

Hardcover: $89.99

Softcover: $64.99

Images & text by Jeff Smudde, forward by Carleigh Gray.

60 plates, 152 pages, 8” x 10” landscape

My first monograph, Arbor, Neighbor, published in 2019, is a narrative landscape project about my seek for clarity in the woodlands of Illinois after a year of mental turmoil.

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Images & text by Jeff Smudde

15 plates, 54 pages, 7” x 7”, softcover only

A collaborative publication with Open Space Galleries, Moth, was exhibited in March, 2019 at the gallery in Ottawa, IL.

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